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We are Devwire, a DevOps consulting company distributed throughout Europe with offices in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

We help SaaS and eCommerce startups gain a competitive advantage by turbocharging their software delivery and cutting down on infrastructure overhead.


Our Story

The motivation behind Devwire is simple:

A Complete Solution for:

Building DevOps teams is very hard. For a lot of startups and even bigger companies, putting together a team with the know-how and manpower that is needed to implement cloud-native technologies is close to impossible.

Attracting great engineers is challenging. It requires working with exciting technologies yet working with exciting technologies requires great engineers. We want to help you solve this Hen & Egg challenge so you can skip ahead of your competition.

Having been part of a lot of cloud & container migration projects already, our team has put together strategies to speed up the process and to properly onboard and upskill your team to handle your new infrastructure and software delivery.

The Team

Nando Theessen

Founder, Senior DevOps Consultant

Coming from a sales and development background, Nando has taken the DevOps world by storm.

In his previous projects, he’s helped SaaS and eCommerce startups turbocharge their development and deployments.
Due to his experience with Cloud vendors, Containerization, and Continuous Integration and Delivery he’s a perfect match for any Startup looking to adopt cloud-native technologies and to upskill their inhouse engineering teams.


Operation Manager

Coming from an Arts background, Anca has always been fascinated by technology and has been a staple in the Romanian Startup scene.


Recruitment Specialist

Andreea is our Talent Acquisition Specialist. With great expertise in Human Resources and 10 years of experience in the Recruitment Area, she always comes prepared with innovative ideas to motivate, support, and bring our Team to the highest results. 

Her values and high standards together with her kind and light-spirited personality bring the perfect skills to match in providing the best talent, coaching, and building strong Teams.


DevOps Consultant

Eduard is a DevOps Consultant with expertise in migrations, design, development, automation, and support of large-scale infrastructures for new software solutions.

His excellent interpersonal skills allow him to quickly adapt and integrate into new environments and become an independent contributor from the very beginning of the collaboration.

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